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 Since no one cares anymore...

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PostSubject: Since no one cares anymore...   Tue Mar 06, 2012 12:33 pm

Here's a torrent i've created including the following content encoded from the real CD's using Apple Lossless (CD Quality). Nothing is sourced from poor quality mp3's and then re-encoded.

magnet:?xt=urn:btih:CC3A2930FEE8F594D7FD5485F4CBEC21CD4B521C&dn=Vines%20b-sides%20%26%20rarities.zip (copy link into browser & you need bit torrent software like uTorrent!)

- Get Free (country version)
- Gross Out (demo)
- Going Gone (demo)

Don't Listen to the Radio
- Give Up Give Out Give In
- Don't Listen to the Radio (instrumental)

Don't Listen to the Radio [UK]
- Lawman (demo)

Factory [ripped from the CD-R acetate not vinyl]
- Factory (zen demo)
- Ain't No Room (zen demo)
- Drown the Baptists (zen demo)

Get Free
- Down at the Club
- Hot Leather

Highly Evolved [single]
- Sun Child (demo)

Homesick [CD 1 - 4]
- Outtathaway (Live) [CD 1]
- Highly Evolved (Live) [CD 2]
- Get Free (Live [CD 3]
- Maryjane (Live) [CD 4]

I Am Sam Soundtrack
- I'm Only Sleeping

Outtathaway! [CD 1]
- Ms Jackson
- Country Yard (live at glastonbury)

Outtathaway! [CD 2]
- Get Free (live at reading festival)
- Highly Evolved (recorded live at triple j)

- Drown the Baptists
- Don't Go (4 track demo)

The Best Of [UK]
- 4Ever

Triple J Like A Version Seven
- Clint Eastwood

Winning Days [single]
- Landslide (demo)
- Watch the World (demo)

Winning Days [UK EP]
- Ride (XFM live session version)


NOTE: yes this copyrighted blah blah blah but 1) everything is out of print 2) ban me see if i care, there's nothing new to see here now that the band is effectively defunct.
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Since no one cares anymore...
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