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 "Black Dragon" and "Goodbye" featured in the intro of Boderlands: The Pre Sequel

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PostSubject: "Black Dragon" and "Goodbye" featured in the intro of Boderlands: The Pre Sequel   Wed Oct 15, 2014 2:30 am


Has anyone else played the Borderlands series besides me?

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PostSubject: Borderlands Presequel Intro "Memories"   Wed Oct 15, 2014 11:08 pm

I LOVE the borderlands games and bought it yesterday and always expect some music with some explosion, the games enemies (bandits) and animals (skags) or something

Borderlands 1 (Sep 2009) started with Cage The Elephant "No Rest for the Wicked", another GREAT band in general and I have fallen in love with them too, and the bandits and skags on a bus (introducing the 4 main playable vault hunters)

Borderlands 2 (Sep 2012) started with The Heavy - Short Change Hero, and the same bandits and skags but on a train and the train exploding at the end (introducing the 4 main different playable vault hunters)

Borderlands The Pre-sequel (10/14/14) I heard the music and for a second I was like this sounds like The Vines, no it cant be, but the more I heard it the more I was FOR SURE it was definitely the vines and Craig Nicholls unique voice and their unique sound of guitars and drums, and 2 songs at that

this got me interested again in the band again

circa 2007/2008 I used to listen to their first 2 albums NONSTOP and I can say today I have been listening to them againa nd its bringing back such amazing memories of those first 2 albums

I own Vision Valley and Melodia, but could not get into them, and I JUST learned yesterday that they released 2 more albums after that, Future Primitive (which the two songs Black Dragon and Goodbye that were featured in the game) and am interested in both that and their newest Wicked Nature

what do you guys think of Vision Valley and Melodia and how they compare to Winning Days and Highly Evolved? how does the two most recent albums compare to Highly and Winning?

I love ALL forms of entertainment, movies, video games, TV shows and MUSIC, but I am always surprised and excited and overly delighted when I hear of a new band or hear of the return of a band I LOVE or used to love in another form of media
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"Black Dragon" and "Goodbye" featured in the intro of Boderlands: The Pre Sequel
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