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 Craig Nicholls IS The Vines?

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PostSubject: Craig Nicholls IS The Vines?   Craig Nicholls IS The Vines? I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 15, 2014 11:17 pm

so I was looking online and saw that since the bands formation in 1998, Craig Nichols is the ONLY band member to stay with the band and when I think that I usually think that they are not a very likeable or overall good person....

since 1998 there has been 8 different musicians in the band except Craig, 2 members being the most recent since 2012

what do you guys think on that?
have you heard any stories of WHY this is the case? I saw some stories online of him trashing the bands equipment after playing on the tonight show or other live performances and overall being antisocial and a jerk, are those stories valid?

I also read online that he may have aspergers syndrome and that WOULD explain a lot of his antics and why no one can get along with him but knowing a little bit about the disorder ( i have taken some psych classes and watched the TV show parenthood where one of the main characters has the disorder) he seems pretty violent and aggressive for someone with the disorder, and if he TRULY had it how int eh world would he be able to tour concerts around the whole world, most who suffer from aspergers can barely hold a conversations let alone play a 2 hour long concert in front of thousands or millions of people....

but they also have the one obsession they are fixed upon and are OBSESSED with it, and Craig certainly has his passion and obsession with songwriting, and playing music and he has said once music has saved his life

what do you think?
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Craig Nicholls IS The Vines? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Craig Nicholls IS The Vines?   Craig Nicholls IS The Vines? I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 27, 2014 7:08 am

Yes, he's the only original member. and Yes, he has asperger's.
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Craig Nicholls IS The Vines?
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